Here you can find a selection of Darren's media appearances over the past decade.

Broadcaster: ITV Programme: This Morning

Darren plays tricks on Amanda Holden and Philip Schofield

Broadcaster: Darren Stanton Live Programme: Biggest Lies

Darren discovers California's biggest lies!

Broadcaster: George Lamb Programme: Comeback

Darren talks to Rick Edwards and George Lamb, live on air!

Broadcaster: ITV Programme: Central News

Darren joins Bob and Sameena to talk about his career

Broadcaster: BBC Derby Programme: Georgey Spanswick

Darren joins Georgey to talk about how to catch a liar!

Broadcaster: Sky Sports Programme: Afternoon Show

Darren talks Joshua vs. Klitschko and their body language

Broadcaster: BBC Programme: World News

Darren talks business and employment for BBC World News

Broadcaster: Brazen PR Project: Chicago Town Pizza

Darren talks about Takeaway Trauma for Chicago Town!

Broadcaster: Russia Today Project: News

Darren analyses the Italian G7 Summit for body language

Broadcaster: Al Jazeera Programme: News

Darren talks about the Cambridge Analytica data breach

Broadcaster: LBC Radio Programme: Clive Bull

Darren discusses Donald Trumps' handshake

Broadcaster: ICSA Programme: Body Language Conference

Darren's keynote speech at the ICSA Conference at the ExCEL

Broadcaster: Online Programme: International Security Expo

Darren outlines his talk at the International Security Expo in London

Broadcaster: BBC Programme: The One Show

Darren heads to Melton Mowbray to catch the liars out!

Broadcaster: T Group Programme: Human Lie Detector

The pilot episode of Human Lie Detector, the US series

Broadcaster: BBC WM Programme: Graham Torrington

Darren joins Graham Torrington to talk relationships

Broadcaster: BBC Coventry Programme: Vic Minett

Vic tries to catch Darren out - and fails!

Broadcaster: The Independent Programme: Facebook

Darren discusses his career for Independent's Facebook Live

Broadcaster: Russia Today Programme: News Live

Darren talks about Donald Trump's body language

Broadcaster: BBC Programme: Question Time Special

Darren joins the Question Time Leaders Special debate

Broadcaster: ITV Programme: Judge Rinder's Crime Stories

Darren discusses Mick and Mairead Philpott's body language

Broadcaster: Silk Pictures Programme: Busted

The pilot episode of Busted, the UK series

Broadcaster: Russia Today Programme: News

Darren analyses Theresa May and Donald Trump for RT News

Broadcaster: Rob Moore Programme: YouTube

Darren joins Rob Moore's Disruptive Entrepreneur series

Broadcaster: CNA Programme: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Darren gives his expertise in Aarushi: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Broadcaster: ITV Programme: This Morning

Darren assesses Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Broadcaster: Darren Stanton Live Programme: Mind Games

Darren plays tricks on the Californian public!

Broadcaster: BBC 5 Live Programme: Stephen Nolan

Darren talks to Stephen Nolan on 5 Live about lying

Broadcaster: BBC Radio 2 Programme: Simon Mayo

Darren talks to Simon Mayo on his flagship Drivetime show!

Broadcaster: BBC Programme: The Big Questions

Darren discusses "Is your image public property?"

Broadcaster: Sky Sports Programme: Showtime

Darren talks about Mayweather vs. McGregor and the fight

Broadcaster: Russia Today Programme: George Galloway

Darren joins George Galloway on Russia Today

Broadcaster: Russia Today Programme: News

Darren talks about Armistice Day for Russia Today news

Broadcaster: Online Programme: The Moment

Darren is interviewed by Maxine Mawhinney for The Moment

Broadcaster: LBC Radio Programme: Nic Ferrari

Darren discusses Bradley Wiggins' body language with Nic Ferrari

Broadcaster: GINX Programme: The Bridge

Darren talks about the new PlayStation game, Hidden Agenda

Broadcaster: UNILAD Programme: Poker Feature

Darren teaches you how to spot those poker tells!

Broadcaster: TheBritBox Programme: Royal Wedding

Darren talks with Jennie Bond about the Royal Wedding

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